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I am a body psychotherapist – trained in a tradition that goes back to Reich and Ferenczi and forward to a contemporary approach which integrates an understanding of the body with object relations in a psychotherapeutic relationship. The Chiron Centre for Body Psychotherapy in London has been my main point of reference, where I trained and now teach. The training at Chiron has evolved considerably in the twelve years I have been there in the context of a group of creative, rigorous trainers with different interests. For details of Chiron’s history, aims and philosophy, training programmes (short and Long) see

For details of history  of body psychotherapy, scientific research, Europe wide register of practioners, 100 pages of into, see Another rich resource is  Nick Totton’s website – he is a writer, practitioner and teacher of body psychotherapy based in the North of England.

I will let these three websites speak for Body Psychotherapy today. I have found body psychotherapy theory and practice to offer valuable models for bridging neuroscience and the wider field of psychotherapy, including the study of psychosomatic illness. I have developed these ideas in two courses: The New Anatomy; Exploring the Mind in the Body  which looks at how neuroscience has expanded our understanding of the psychological body, and Embodiment and Emotion, which addresses the clinical implications of neuroscience.

See Index of Papers  for my articles on body psychotherapy.

See also a new book which illustrates the cutting edge of contemporary body psychotherapy,
part of a series Advancing Theory in Therapy: Body Psychotherapy, ed. Staunton , T (Routledge, 2002)


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